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4 Bad Habits You Should Avoid In The Morning

You may have noticed that when you sleep well and wake up with the feeling of having rested properly, the day becomes easier to cope with. The opposite is often true. The days that you have not slept well, everything becomes an effort? How you wake up in the morning often determines the rest of the day!

Here is a list of habits that you should start avoiding in the morning and tips to improve them. Start the day with energy!

1. Eat A Lot Of Sweets For Breakfast

I imagine that at breakfast you don’t eat cakes and very heavy foods, but remember that sweets such as muffins, waffles or cereals are also full of sugar and carbohydrates. They are delicious and make your breakfast happy, but as soon as your blood sugar drops, you will feel hungry and irritated.

Instead of starting the day with a breakfast loaded with sugar and carbohydrates, I recommend preparing a healthy shake . The fruit will help you to calm your sugar cravings and, at the same time, it will provide you with healthy fat and protein if you add coconut milk, protein powders, collagen or some other mixture of the style.

2. Eat Breakfast Even If You Are Not Hungry

It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and in part it is true, because for many people it is. But it is not a rule that should apply to everyone. There are people who prefer not to eat breakfast and if they force themselves to do so, the result is usually more negative than positive.

If you’re one of those who skip breakfast, you might be interested in intermittently fasting. There are many types of fasting, but one of the easiest is 8/16, in which you fast for 16 hours (ideally after dinner, until lunch the next day) and eat only within an 8-hour period of time . Getting your blood pumping with physical exercise is a good way to increase your energy level without the need for caffeine.

3. Don’t Train In The Morning

It is not everyone’s business to train in the mornings. But if you are one of those who enjoys training in the afternoons (or even if you don’t like training), I advise you to set your alarm and exercise in the morning from time to time.

Getting your blood pumping with physical exercise is a good way to increase your energy level without the need for caffeine. If you train too late, you compromise the recovery phase due to the adrenaline you just gave your body, while training in the morning helps improve sleep quality . In addition, it also helps to activate the metabolism, burn more calories during the day and increase productivity. People who train in the morning tend to go for the healthier options.

To avoid wasting time when training in the morning, I suggest leaving everything ready the night before. You can leave take-out food in the fridge the next day, prepare the clothes you are going to wear or any other task that takes you a while in your morning routine. If you minimize all the steps you take in the morning, you can get a little more sleep and feel less lazy to train.

4. Drink Coffees Loaded With Calories And Sugar

A coffee with milk? Perfect, but remember that coffees with sugar, cream, syrup, caramel or similar are full of calories. And that’s not counting the breakfast ones! Most sugars and preservatives leave you hungry, so it is normal to eat something heavier despite having exceeded the amount of calories corresponding to a meal.

If you still decide that you want to have a strong coffee, you can try preparing a “bulletproof” coffee, which consists of adding healthy fats (grass butter or ghee) combined with MCT oil . The result is a cup of coffee without empty calories, which will give you the energy you need and provide you with quality fats to quench hunger.

Put aside these habits and try to adopt healthier options little by little. You will see how you begin to feel more energy throughout the day!