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A Smart Greenhouse To Grow Food At Home

This smart, innovative greenhouse allows you to grow your vegetables indoors all year with the help of your watering system.

It’s never been easier to grow your own food at home. Smart greenhouses don’t require much space to grow tomatoes, lettuce, and basil. It takes up the same space as a refrigerator. This unique idea is endorsed by LG Electronics and will give you fresh, diverse vegetables year-round with minimum effort.

What does LG’s smart greenhouse do?

Although it looks like a simple home appliance, LG’s smart greenhouse is actually a sophisticated growing system that can grow plants in just weeks. The best part is that you don’t have to be an expert in order for this smart greenhouse to create the perfect growing conditions for each species. The greenhouse features an innovative LED lighting system with temperature control that can be adjusted to match the amount of sunlight each plant requires.

A non-circulating automated irrigation system distributes water to each pot. The forced air circulation system regulates CO2 levels and stimulates photosynthesis. It also prevents unwanted odors from growing and prevents weeds from growing, which is another advantage.

An integrated mobile app allows you to control the growth of your plants and provides useful advice and guidance on how to use the greenhouse. The smart garden can hold approximately 24 seedlings in different sizes and contains 20 varieties of vegetable seeds. You can get started right away by planting them at home. It also contains fertilizer and peat moss to encourage plant growth.

There are three benefits to having a smart greenhouse at your home

Take care of your health. A healthy diet high in vegetables can help you control your body weight and increase your energy levels. The high fiber content helps to prevent excess cholesterol and improve intestinal transit. It prevents many inflammatory diseases, diabetes and certain types of cancer. A smart greenhouse will help you increase your fresh vegetable intake and make it healthier.

It’s possible to save money. You can save money on vegetables, no matter if you buy them at the supermarket or from an organic garden. Producing vegetables in your garden or patio will increase the cost of water and fertilizers. A greenhouse allows you to grow vegetables all year round. You can control the amount of light and water that plants require and only consume what you need. You can also grow more vegetables by investing in multiple pots.

Reduce your environmental footprint. A study carried out in Spain showed that in 2018, more than 52 000 tons of chickpeas were imported. However, their transportation generated 6,900 tons CO2 emissions into our atmosphere. This high level of pollution can be reduced if your vegetables are grown in smart greenhouses at home. The greenhouse’s strict irrigation system and lighting system are a bonus for caring for the environment. They also help to reduce your environmental footprint over the long-term.