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Hey I’m Celaine Stevens. I live in New York. I was born in Kansas where I grew up. Now it was around 9 years ago I discovered my love for literature in particular. Reading has broadened my outlook on life and it is that which inspired me to write online.

After years of debating about it I made a decision to start a blog. My posts have been entertaining for a number of people and have helped others to make life decisions and even change areas of their life. I have been involved in writing several blogs in recent times and have written for a number of leading blogs. I started this blog as a hobby initially, but it has gone on to bring me in an income that has empowered me to blog full time. My focus is to study topics that people love to read about.

So this blog is all about what I love most (reading and literature), but also the daily grind of life about lifestyle and how to make a difference. I try to talk about a extensive range of subjects that might include how to prevent identity theft and articles about how to get rid of tartar and broader still…. articles about how to fit a conservatory and articles about how to deal with grief. A crazy wide scope of topics and subjects I know

I believe that educating yourself across a range of subjects will change your life and place you on a better, more successful, fulfilled path in life.

Why not bookmark this site so you can come back and discover more from me as I look in to topics that we all need to know about.