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Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Through the Internet

Today we are going to talk about shopping through the Internet, an alternative way of buying that has increased considerably in recent years.

I’ll give you a specific example that will clearly demonstrate what I’m talking about, and that’s online shopping Canada, which is currently setting trends and more and more people are buying products and services online. Although everyone knows about this option, there are still people who distrust this method and do not feel very sure due to a lack of information. What happens if I enter my personal data? What dangers exist when entering my credit card information? These are some of the questions that we will try to answer in our article today.


  • Availability: we can purchase products at any time of the day, 365 days a year. Online stores are open 24 hours a day and have no opening hours.
  • Comfort: we do our shopping without leaving home or work. There is no need to move.
  • Speed: we access thousands of products with a couple of “clicks”, the search is instantaneous and the options are many.
  • Best prices: brands or online sales pages constantly launch offers and incredible discounts. The competition is so great that we can benefit from amazing prices!
  • Access to the whole world: The Internet has no borders. We can locate stores that are located in different parts of the world. We only have to verify that they make shipments to where we are interested.
  • Great variety: The catalogs for online purchases are usually much more extensive than those that we can find in stores. We will have at our disposal all kinds of products: food, electronics, footwear, clothing, bookstore, perfumery, and thousands of other options.
  • Product details: the information about the products is usually very complete. Colors, materials, models, sizes… all the characteristics of the product/service that we are interested in buying will be on our screens. It is advisable to read the opinions of other buyers, they can be very useful to help us decide.
  • Time Saving: We avoid having to go to different stores to compare prices. And a detail that is not minor, we save the queues when paying!
  • Home delivery: And the most advantageous of all, we receive our products directly at the address that we indicate!
  • Free shipping: In general, almost all stores have free shipping from 50 dollars. It is very easy to get to that number. Likewise, we must know that each web page has its conditions, it is better to read them before buying to know if it is convenient for us to add something else to the shopping cart to reach the specific amount for free shipping.


  • Touch and try: It is not possible to try the item before buying it. The theory says that if a seller gets the buyer to hold the product, more than half of the sale is made. There are no sellers on the Internet, and we cannot have the product in our hands. The imagination is the one that must work to convince us, and the risk of being wrong will always be there.
  • Shipping time of our purchases: when buying online we have to take into account that depending on the receiving address, we will have to wait a certain time to receive our purchase. Estimated deadlines are not always met, and that can bring us problems, especially when we travel. We must take into account, with time, if we want to buy online, to ensure that our orders arrive when we want.
  • Distrust: There is a distrust of whether our purchase will arrive safely, will arrive in good condition, and most importantly if it will arrive on time.
  • Payment by credit card: a credit card is necessary to make purchases, and users may fear that by providing their bank details on the Internet, they may be victims of theft or fraud. Once it has been verified that online payment systems are currently very secure, this disadvantage disappears.
  • Access denied to our favorite brand: It often happens that certain brands do not allow access to their US web pages, and redirect us to another website that is not the one we want. Although there are “tricks” to prevent this from happening, they are somewhat complex and this may be a barrier to buying our favorite brand or product.

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