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How To Adopt The Reading Habits Of Billionaires

To increase your success, make reading a habit.

Science has shown that the habits of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett can help you become richer and more intelligent.

Warren Buffett, a billionaire investor, once answered the question:

“Read 500 pages per day. This is how knowledge works. It accumulates like compound interest. It is possible for anyone to do it but not all of them will.

He reads many newspapers on his days off and also spends much of his day reading books. He’s not the only one. Mark Cuban can spend up to three hours per day reading books while Bill Gates only reads 50 books each year.

And I say more: sometimes it

Research has proven that these mega-moguls have the right idea. Your reading habits and success will be influenced by theirs.

Your mother taught you reading when you were a child. It would have been a great way to get your attention if she told you this: 1.200 of the wealthiest people in the world read a lot.

Scientifically, it is proven that reading books stimulates the brain in a way only reading can. It also improves memory and learning skills.

It’s all great, but how can you read 500 pages per day and reap all the benefits?

First, you need to read the right books

Warren Buffett does not read Twilight before going to bed, sorry.

Thomas Corley, author Rich Habits: Daily Success Habits for Wealthy Individuals, says that wealthy people with an annual income of $160,000 or more and a net worth of at least 3.2 billion read books about self-improvement and education. People who have less than $ 35,000 per year and a net worth of less $ 5,000 read books mainly for entertainment.

Highly successful people continue to study long after graduation. High-achieving people are always learning and have become their own teachers. It is no surprise that they continue to learn.

This doesn’t have be boring, the good news is. Fast Company discovered that people who are most successful read autobiographies from other successful people to get inspiration and motivation.

You can find great books for starting with if you look at the recommendations of successful people like Bill Gates and 20 other successful people.

You will have twice the chance of reading if you create specific actions.

It is easy to lose interest in something so trivial as reading after just a few pages. Warren Buffett and other successful businessmen believe that a dream isn’t something you can achieve by thinking about how it will be achieved, but rather, it is a well-thought out wish that will always come true. This is why the key scientific ingredient to establishing a strong reading routine is to define when and where you want to do it.

According to a British Journal of Health Psychology study, 91% of people who created an action plan detailing when and where they would exercise were successful in meeting their weekly goal. The failure rate of the other groups was twice as high.

This multi-million-dollar habit is not something you should compromise on. It is a good idea to put it in the middle of the night, so you can unwind before you go to bed.

Start small

500 pages per day can seem daunting if you’re not a voracious reader. You don’t need to read 500 pages per day or start with Shakespeare or Chaucer to be able to adopt the habit. You don’t have to start a multi-million-dollar habit by lifting a few pounds.

James Clear, a habit expert and entrepreneur, recommends that you read 20 pages per day to get started. This number is small enough to not be overwhelming. The majority of people can read 20 pages in about 30 minutes. Clear notes that this speed is a good average for readers. It also managed to increase its page count while simultaneously moving on to another reading. The most important aspect of this is that, “regardless what happens throughout the day, I always get 20 pages to read.”


Warren Buffet is a fan of diversification and doesn’t place all his bets on the same type of reading as he does.

This is because you’ll reap the benefits from a variety of knowledge. You will not only gain a different perspective but also a whole new set of ideas.

Put aside these habits and try to adopt healthier options little by little. Even if you don’t finish the book you’re reading, you can still read an autobiography and then switch to nonfiction the following week.

Although it may not seem so to you, once you begin to follow this routine, you’ll be able reap the proven benefits that helped billionaires Bill Gates and Mark Cuban rise to the top. Although it is true that you will not become a billionaire overnight (although it is possible), it can be done over time.