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How to choose a roofing contractor to install asphalt shingles

There are many things to consider when installing a new roof or simply replacing asphalt shingles with new ones, it is important that after having evaluated the different types of asphalt shingles that best go with your roof, it is time to select your contractor.

In this post we will help you with essential questions to ask your prospective contractor. We liaised with roof specialist Len Roofing North Shore to assist with compiling this article, so thanks Len for your guidance.

How many years’ experience do you have laying asphalt shingle?

In many cases, homeowners allow price to determine who they choose to carry out the work. If you opt for a roofing company that can offer you a bargain price but cannot provide a list of satisfied customers, you probably end up with a poor installation. Unfortunately, makeshift contractors are notorious for disappearing to avoid paying damages, just to reopen months later with a new name.

Avoid being a victim of this type of contractor and always check the data, work with a company or person that has decades of business and a solid reputation such as Len Roofing North Shore.

Could you give me references of work already done?

There is less chance of problems when asking the contractor for references and making calls to verify the information provided. If possible, choose a local contractor.

Also ask for addresses of completed projects to see their work. It is also a good idea to check the reviews that appear on google, social networks, etc.

Check for proper contractor license and insurance

The contractor must have insurance for all employees and subcontractors and be able to provide a copy of their insurance certificate for validation. Not having adequate insurance could lead to litigation between a contractor and the homeowner if a roofing worker suffers an injury at home. Also, make sure the coverage is in effect for the entire duration of your project.

Do you offer additional warranty and labor coverage?

While the roofing materials manufacturer generally offers a warranty on the products (no matter who installs your roof), the roofing contractor will generally offer their own warranty on the workmanship. Most of the workmanship warranties offered by individual roofing contractors last a year or more.

Will you give an explanation of my warranty?

It is important for your contractor to explain your warranty to you and to be clear about who to call if you have a problem. Find out if defective shingles are replaced at prorated replacement cost or original cost and if labor charges are additional.

What materials will you use on my roof?

Not all roofing products are created equal, so make sure your roofer works with brands and products they can trust. For more information on which accessories are necessary for the installation of the asphalt shingle from IKO here.

Will you provide me with a written estimate? The contractor who installs the asphalt shingle for your roof must provide a budget that includes a precise description of the work to be done, approximate start and end dates, all project costs (labor, materials, taxes, etc.), terms of payment and other points that have been agreed during the interview.

Will you do a thorough inspection?

The contractor will need to perform a thorough inspection of the entire roofing system, including the deck, attic, flashing, chimney, dirt piles, and other roof penetrations prior to any installation of your asphalt shingle.

Will you install a base or some coating?

When the roof is made of wood it is important that roofers install a synthetic or asphalt felt coating as the first layer of protection on the roof deck. If you’re looking for advanced protection against leaks, water absorption, and mold, then you’ll want to make sure your contractor uses a synthetic product instead of felt.

Will it follow the manufacturer’s specifications?

Your roofer should be familiar with and follow all of the asphalt shingle manufacturer’s specifications, as improper application can affect the manufacturer’s warranty.

Asphalt shingle manufacturers such as the IKO brand require their products to be installed correctly, in accordance with their application instructions and applicable building code requirements in order to be eligible for limited warranty coverage. Professional roofers are best positioned to adequately meet these requirements.

Could you explain how this roofing system would work?

Your roofer should offer a detailed explanation of the entire roofing system and how all the parts work together so that you can make informed decisions. Especially if it is done with the IKO brand that offers the correct roofing to increase the attractiveness of any style of home.

We hope that with these questions you will ensure that you get the information you need to hire the right person or company for your asphalt shingle roof replacement or repair project.