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How to Give a Personalized Mug for Christmas

Taking advantage of the fact that many stores offer us the possibility of making personalized mugs, we have thought that perhaps we could give them different uses, not only for breakfast or for coffee in the afternoon with friends.

Ideas to give personalized mugs with photo, text and gift

It occurs to me, for example, that I use them as flower pot cups. Succulents have become fashionable, and they are also plants that last a long time, they even live in those houses where gardening is not one of the priorities, like ours. If you want something more ephemeral, a little green or some flowers will always look good.

By the way, I found an Etsy store where you can find extraordinary personalized mugs, it’s PreciousRay, so, if you’d like to get one that will look wonderful for your own use or for a gift, then this store is your right choice.

The idea is to plant a beautiful plant with a personalized cup, what do you think?

Do you still have that corner at home that you don’t know how to decorate? Do you want to give it a different, original and completely personalized touch? Are you a fan of vintage and love plants? Then you should get down to work right away.

What to put in a mug to give away

As a second “gift idea” with our cups, it occurs to me to make a kit for the very teapots and put some kind of special tea, the tea ball, even some pasta to make it an authentic English tea kit.

If your passion for teas goes further (or that of the person you are thinking of giving), you can create personalized mugs with photographs of the places where each type of tea comes from. Original, huh?

  • White Tea: comes exclusively from China. You can illustrate the mug with Chinese characters or beautiful images of this Asian country.
  • Matcha tea: is a green tea from Japan. Wouldn’t it look great with a photo of Mount Fuji or a Japanese woman having a tea ceremony?
  • Indian Chai Tea: A good idea would be to decorate the cup with photos of the main ingredients that make up this tea, which are milk, cinnamon, ginger and black tea. It will be a nice color combination.

You can fill each cup with its corresponding tea and place them on a shelf. Sure to catch the attention of your guests

With what to fill a cup to give away

On the other hand, who doesn’t have a cup full of pencils or markers? It is a good gift, yes. Please do me the favor and buy new markers or pencils, so that it can be seen that the gift has been thought of. And if you add a book to paint, like the mandalas that are now so fashionable, then even better.

How to decorate a coffee cup

Obviously (it’s a cup) you can use it, or give it as a gift, to drink coffee, tea, chocolate… But not only that, it is also a useful container for the kitchen of those of a lifetime (who has not seen one of these? are you at grandma’s house?). Also, if you are one of those detailed people, you can give it a very original use on your table, for example for a special event or a dinner at home with friends.

One option is to customize it especially for that event -see birthdays, communion, etc.-; and another, to make a more generalized design to be able to give it several uses. It will be great as a centerpiece with some appetizers, rolls or, why not, serve the sauce of your star dish in it. It will give your table a super original touch!

Any of these ideas can be used to make original gifts, not only for the cup that is already precious, but also for the new use that you have thought that the person to whom you have given it can give it. Thinking of you is always nice.