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Running The Dishwasher Saves More Water Than Washing By Hand

It seems that washing by hand uses less water, but in reality, if you fill a dishwasher with pots, it uses less than if you had to do it by hand.

A Dishwasher Is A Good Investment, We Save Time And Also Save Water.

There are people who believe that using the electric dishwasher for scrubbing is wasteful. However, a study carried out by Canal de Isabel II, highlights that using the dishwasher daily saves 30.6 liters of water compared to washing by hand, of which 27.4 liters per day are hot water.

In other words, washing dishes and pots by machine uses less water than if this is done by hand.

A typical home in Madrid consumes an average of 88.8 liters of water per day. This represents 26% of the total consumption of water in the home. On the other hand, the consumption of the dishwasher per day is lower. 54.2 liters, 15.9% of total consumption.

Where we can be amazed at the savings involved in using more machine washing than by hand is if we multiply the number of days of dishwasher use by the annual savings figure.

Energy Saving

In this study of Canal de Isabel II, the positive balance of energy consumption was also taken into account. The new A ++ or A +++ dishwashers are more efficient, and their electricity consumption is lower.

The savings were evaluated at about 1.06 kWh per day. According to this, the savings in our electricity bill can also be significant (taking into account that if it is washed by hand, an electric or gas water heater is used to heat the water).

For example, taking into account the use of the dishwasher five days a week. We will have saved $ 42.6. Taking into account you can find a dishwasher from $230, it is undoubtedly an appliance that saves us work, time and also money.