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The 7 Best Books You Can Read While Traveling By Plane

Flying allows you to disconnect from the internet – except when you pay to connect during flight – and get rid of the constant stream of notifications on your smartphone. Spend that time learning about something you have always wanted to know. These books can be read on the plane, some for an hour and others for a longer time.

Randall Munroe, “Thing Explainer: Complex Stuff in Simple Words”,

There, in addition to tips and insights I read in books like Work 4 Hour Work Week, I. This 64-page book contains pictures and 1,000 of the most common words in English to give readers simple explanations on difficult topics.

Chimamanda Adichie: “We should all become feminists.”

Chimamanda Adichie, a MacArthur Genius Grant recipient, has expanded upon a popular TED talk with the same title to create her 64-page book. It provides a modern definition for feminism and examines the role of sexual politics in our society today.

John Fiske, “The War of Independence”,

This 115-page book, originally published in 1890 offers a historical perspective of the American Revolution 100 years after it happened. It is not more than 230 years later. The author was a Harvard Law School historian and scholar.

“Payoff: The Hidden logic That Shapes Our Motivations” by Dan Ariely

The 128-page TED book explores motivation. It was written by Dan Ariely, a behavioral economist. This book provides lessons for how to make the most important decisions in your own life.

Jeff Goins, “Real Artists don’t starve”

This book, which is 240 pages long, explores the competitive advantages of creativity and believes that creativity is a powerful tool that should be used.

David McCandless, “The Visual Miscellaneum – A Colorful Guide To The World’s Most Consequential Trivia”

The book’s 256 pages include graphs, tables, and illustrations to aid readers in understanding the facts and statistics. The book covers everything from how long it takes for certain condiments spoil to the world maps of internet search term terms.

Tim Marshall, “Prisoners of Geography – Ten Maps That Show You Everything You Need To Know About Global Politics.”

This book of 320 pages uses maps to give a glimpse into the history of the world. It answers everything, from Putin’s obsession over Crimea to why America became a superpower.