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The Amazing Benefits of Outdoor Spaces at home

Benefits of outdoor spaces in the home

People who live in flats and houses with balconies, terraces or gardens know it very well: having outdoor spaces in their own homes undoubtedly improves the quality of life of those who live in it. And it is that beyond the dimensions, the characteristics of the decoration, these precious areas offer us multiple benefits. If you are thinking of changing flats, we recommend that you take them into account when choosing one.

Benefits of terraces, gardens and balconies

  • Greater natural lighting: I’m sure you have noticed that the access to balconies and terraces are usually provided with large glass motorized screens that allow a greater passage of natural light into the home, thus improving its energy efficiency. In addition, aesthetically, well-lit spaces naturally feel warmer, larger and more comfortable. And most importantly, natural light affects our quality of life by reinforcing our immune system, balancing sleep phases, contributing to greater concentration, improving our visual health and increasing the production of serotonin that induces us to a state of greater vitality.
  • Improvement of natural ventilation: Balconies, terraces and gardens also favor better natural ventilation of the house. The interior air is renewed, replacing it with colder, oxygenated and decontaminated air from the outside. Good ventilation is essential to regenerate the air in closed spaces and eliminate substances such as fungi, mites or bacteria, which can be harmful to health.
  • They favor the presence of plants: We all know that plants provide multiple benefits to our health, among them, they help us purify the air thanks to their photosynthesis process, absorbing carbon dioxide from the environment and transforming it into oxygen. In addition, they can help us reduce stress, reconnect us with nature and give us a good dose of joy. The balconies and terraces allow us to have a perfect space to place our particular orchard or even a small urban garden.

Having an outdoor space at home also means having a plot of extra enjoyment and relaxation. A good breakfast on the terrace shared dinner with friends and family in the garden or a moment of disconnection by reading a book on the balcony of the house, are unique moments that can help us forget the hectic daily rhythm and even escape accumulated stress.

Residential buildings with open-air communal areas

In addition to private spaces, more and more buildings incorporate common outdoor areas. Solarium, swimming pools, playgrounds or garden areas become precious places capable of bringing us great benefits.

Oasis of tranquility: Even if you are in the middle of the big city, having a garden in the same residential building that allows you to take a walk, enjoy an afternoon of family games or relax whenever you want, surrounded by greenery, contributes, without a doubt, to clear body and mind.

The swimming pools, solarium and green areas become spaces in which to carry out endless leisure activities in the open air that help to get out of the routine in which we usually find ourselves immersed. In addition, the type of activities that are carried out in the common spaces of the residential areas allows us to establish friendships with the people around us on a daily basis, improving our social dynamics and those of our family.